Our Approach

Insurance Specialties takes on new clients on a referral basis within an established network of satisfied clients and their professional advisors, bringing to each new relationship a team of seasoned professionals with experience in risk management, corporate structure, insurance and tax law, actuarial science, financial planning and insurance company administration.

During our initial consultation and engagement, we strive to build a customized, cost-effective, alternative risk program that delivers the intended benefits without burdening our clients with administrative tasks.  In addition to consulting at every stage of a client relationship, Insurance Specialties’ services include:

  • Feasibility review
  • Program creation
  • Program Administration (financial statements, tax returns, reserve calculations, claims administration), and requisite compliance.

We invite you to contact us for a discussion specific to your business’s risk management needs.

Putting Business Owners Back In The Driver’s Seat

Our consultants are specialists in a wide variety of insurance and risk management approaches.  Business owners gain greater control knowing that they have more comprehensive insurance coverage while building greater financial strength over time.

Insurance Specialties helps you:

  • Take control of your business’s exposure to hidden risks
  • Reduce and control commercial insurance costs
  • Build reserves in a protected environment
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